Handmade Cotton Envelopes


Handmade Cotton Envelopes

The high quality handmade cotton envelopes are made and cut by hand.

They are colored with natural inks, which give them delicate nuances, with warm and elegant tones.

Its texture, irregular finish and natural color give it an absolutely unique effect.

Colori disponibili:

  • Panna
  • Cipria
  • Mocha chiaro
  • Terra
  • Mocha scuro
  • Salvia
  • Verde
  • Verde bosco
  • Lavanda 
  • Ocra
  • Corallo
  • Amaranto
  • Blu navy 
  • Carta da zucchero
  • Grigio 
  • Perla

Carta da zucchero catalog: To choose the best paper, envelopes, font, printing technique and accessories, request the full catalog from the contacts page.